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“Thanks for bringing S.'s scores above 700. She's so happy. We're off to celebrate.”
K.D., East Hampton, NY

“If I had known what a difference this would make in J's work, I would have started last year. Thank you.” 
R.C. New York City
“I hope your summer has been going well. I just wanted to thank you for tutoring me for the Math-2 and Physics SAT-2's. I got a 730 on each of them. I am happy with my scores because I did not really study for either of them outside of our sessions Also, my college counselor said that since I got a 770 on Chemistry last year, I am done with the College Board and do not have to worry about testing during my senior year because my scores are high enough for any of the most selective schools. So thank you again.” 
Alex F. New York City
  “Thanks for everything...
He really likes the tutor- so refreshing!!
Happy New Year...”
L.B, New York City

“Needless to say, B. was thrilled with his performance on the last Chem quiz! With the test approaching I want to make sure he knows what topics to study. Last time your email really helped.
Thank you so much for you support!”
D.S., New York City

  “I appreciate the tutors that you lined up for the summer. All were efficient and nice, and C. enjoyed working with them.” 
K.P, Easthampton, NY

  “Just wanted to let you know that L. scored a "4" in her AP Physics exam. She and we are delighted. Thanks again for working with her. Our younger daughter will be ready for chemistry soon so we are hoping you will still be available! Thanks again. ” 
Dr. A.M. NYC

  “We just got B.'s SAT2 scores - a 730 on the Math. He's thrilled. He got an A in Math for the year and an A- in Physics. Thanks to you! ” 
B.C., New York City

  “S. scored 750 on Chem Subject test. Thank you very very much for all your help. ” 
RD, New York City


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