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Hard Work Produces Results, Help Students to Enjoy the Work Process, PRAISE STUDENTS FOR THEIR HARD WORK.

“Researcher Carol Dweck has found that when you praise a student for working hard, it reinforces his identity as an industrious soul. A student in this frame of mind is willing to take on challenging tasks, and to view mistakes as part of the working process. When you praise a student for being smart, on the other hand, it conveys the impression that achievement is an inborn trait. Students in that frame of mind want to continue to appear smart. They're less likely to try challenging things because they don't want to make mistakes and appear stupid.”

Consistent Practice Makes Tasks Automatic: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
“The first time you drive a car, you have to think about every move. But after a few months or years, driving is done almost automatically. Learning consists of taking things that are strange and unnatural, such as reading algebra, and absorbing them so steadily that they become automatic. Reviewing the same material often provides an edge.”

Review Material in Small Sections Over Many Days: No Cramming
“It is far better to go over material for a little bit, repetitively, on five consecutive nights than it is to cram in one long session the night before an exam.”

Adequate Sleep is Essential to Learning.


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THE SOCIAL ANIMAL: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement by David Brooks


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